The physical and auric bodies

The aura is a magnetic field that surrounds the human body and acts as a protective shield. It is supported by the physical body, which it protects. This kriya explores the relationship between the two.

Music played in this class

— Ong So Hung by The Guru Singh Experience from the album The Guru Singh Experience Volume One
— Rakhay Rakhanhaar by Ram Dass from the album The Alchemist’s Prayer
— Ra Ma Da Sa by Gurudass Kaur from the album Lovingly
— Sat Nam Wahe Guru by Ragi Sat Nam Singh
— Gobinday Makunday by Sada Sat Kaur from the album Shashara

Good places to buy kundalini yoga music are Spirit Voyage and Sat Nam Versand’s Mantra Download shop. There’s also quite a lot on iTunes. For more information see our About Kundalini Yoga Music page.

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