Library of online kundalini yoga classes

All the online classes in the library were filmed live in central London and each class lasts approximately 1.5 hours. To join a live class in real time please see our live class booking schedule.

Liver Set

The liver is the organ of purification and the organ of expansion. Connected with the ether element, a healthy liver facilitates growth in our lives and allows us to adapt quickly to new [...]

Pranic Body Kriya

Sometimes in our lives we can feel that we have little influence over the direction that we take; that we are thrown about helplessly by events. But a large part of this feeling can simply be [...]

Heart and Soul

The fourth chakra lies at the centre of the chest and is the home of our true understanding of this universe. It is here also, and in the aura, that the soul dwells. This class increases our [...]

Balance of Prana and Apana

We live in a condition of perpetual balancing, taking energies in and releasing them. Our level of happiness and our ability to cope with the world around us is a reflection of our degree of balance.

Kriya for Courage

If we can allow our energy to shine, the universe will return that energy and guide us. This kriya teaches us to find the courage to find our true path through life.

For Mastering the Fourth Body

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, a flow of energy into and through the energetic heart centre (the fourth chakra) is essential to maintain a strong and balanced neutral mind (the fourth body) [...]

Trikuti Kriya

The Ajna, or sixth chakra, allows us to see the truth in our environment, to distinguish between what seems real and the true reality of our situation. This kriya uses the mantra Wahe Guru to [...]

Create your destiny

In this most extreme of busy times we must understand that we cannot wait to be told what to do. In order to thrive and flow we must learn to initiate ourselves, to be our own leaders. Kundalini [...]

The art of letting go

Good health reflects a state of equilibrium, in which the energies we generate and receive are balanced by a continuous process of releasing what we don’t need. The extent to which this is not [...]

Kriya for disease resistance

In the autumn and winter months and with the approach of the winter holidays there can be particular pressures and stresses that lower our immunity and make us vulnerable to illness and [...]

A set for the pituitary gland

Feeling accepted by and connected to the world we live in is a function of the pituitary gland. In this class we strengthen the pituitary to strengthen our sense of belonging.

A set to nurture the subtle body

This set is designed to nurture the subtle body. In the teachings of kundalini yoga the subtle body prompts the ego to support the soul, and brings us an awareness of the true nature of our journey.

A set to dissolve stress

Stress blocks us from experiencing life with a sense of flow. It can send us scurrying into the realms of our reactive personalities, where the sheer fun of life is denied us.

Kriya for discernment

In kundalini yoga the second body – the negative aspect of the mind – allows us to discern what we truly need and don’t need on our spiritual journey through life. This class strengthens and [...]

Kriya for the ajna

The ajna or sixth chakra is sometimes known as the command post. The pituitary, with which it is associated, is the master gland which regulates all the other glands. When the command post is [...]

Renew yourself to become your self

The human body can handle great strain, and in our busy lives we often forget the pressure we put ourselves under, and carry on regardless. This class focuses on self-renewal, and gives us the [...]

The physical and auric bodies

The aura is a magnetic field that surrounds the human body and acts as a protective shield. It is supported by the physical body, which it protects. This kriya explores the relationship between [...]

Chakras and the physical body

The human body functions through a series of channels and centres of energy that strengthen and balance us both physically and spiritually. This kundalini yoga set opens those channels and energy [...]

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