Kundalini yoga basics

Tuning in

Every kundalini yoga class opens with two mantras and closes with a third, each chanted three times. This performs several functions. It calls upon the divine guru to guide and protect us, connects us to the golden chain of wisdom, and creates a safe space for the practice. It allows us to set our intentions for the practice, and prepares body and mind for the practice on both a conscious and deeply subconscious level.

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (I call upon the divine wisdom)

Aad guray nameh, Jugad guray nameh, Sat guray nameh, Siri guru dev ay nameh (I bow to the primal wisdom, I bow to the eternal wisdom, I bow to the true wisdom, I bow to the great unseen wisdom)

Sat Nam (I am Truth)

A printable tuning in mantra sheet which also includes the Longtime Sunshine Song can be downloaded here.

Breath of fire

Breath of fire is a key breathing technique in kundalini yoga and is used in many kriyas and meditations.

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