Improve circulation and strengthen the aura

The physical body is surrounded by the aura, an electromagnetic field which is created by movement and serves to protect us from negative energies. In this class we work on strengthening the aura by improving the circulation.

Music played in this class

– Ham Dam Har Har by Satya Singh from the album From Fear To Love
– Wahe Guru Groove by Nirinjan Kaur from the album White Tantra Yoga Volume 1
– Ra Ma Da Sa by Gurudass Kaur from the album Lovingly
– Wahe Guru Expand Your Capacity by SatKirin & Ferenz from the album Ignite Your Light
– Ham Dam Har Har by Satya Singh from the album From Fear To Love
– Shiva by MC Yogi from the album Pilgrimage (Bonus Track Version)
– Sat Narayan Wahe Guru by Gurudass Singh & Kaur from the album Longing to Belong
– Om Mani Padme Hum: Chenresi by Dechen Shak-Dagsay from the album Dewa Che
– Ardas by Singh Kaur from the album Crimson Collection Vol. 6 & 7

Good places to buy kundalini yoga music are Spirit Voyage and Sat Nam Versand’s Mantra Download shop. There’s also quite a lot on iTunes. For more information see our About Kundalini Yoga Music page.

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