One-to-one consultations

Ed offers personal consultations on a one-to-one basis. Common problems and questions raised during such consultations may involve relationships, jobs, depression, anxiety, physical injuries and addictions, or issues relating to spirituality or kundalini energy.

Ed’s approach to these questions is always a spiritual one, based on the understanding that each of us has a path in life which the soul seeks. When we find that path we are happy and successful. This does not mean that life is without challenges – we all go through times of pain and suffering as well as joy and contentment. But when we find our path we find our purpose, and this becomes the secure base from which to see ourselves and find our flow.

If any of this seems relevant to you and you wish for guidance from a neutral standpoint, please contact Ed to arrange a time to meet. You do not have to practice yoga. You do not need to feel yourself to be a spiritual person. The universe acts for us all, and as we become conscious of its presence so we can learn to overcome and flourish.

The standard rate for a consultation is £100, with concessions available upon request. For more information and to book an appointment call Ed on 07952 307862.

Your mind must not intrigue you and entrance you into its intrigues. The mind must serve you. The mind has to be developed to give you supportive strength. There is no reason to be unhappy other than the pain you get from the results of these intrigues.

— Yogi Bhajan

The purpose is to realise you and within you the truth in you, the light in you, the delightfulness of God in you. That is your soul.

— Yogi Bhajan

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