Chakras and the physical body

The human body functions through a series of channels and centres of energy that strengthen and balance us both physically and spiritually. This kundalini yoga set opens those channels and energy centres to bring us into a condition of flow.

Music played in this class

— Tindu by Mirabei Ceiba from the album Sevati
— Wahe Guru Groove by Nirinjan Kaur from the album White Tantra Yoga Volume 1
— Oh Niebla by Mirabei Ceiba from the album Sevati
— Bisara Ga-ee Prayer of Relationships by SatKirin Kaur Khalsa from the album Universal Prayer

Good places to buy kundalini yoga music are Spirit Voyage and Sat Nam Versand’s Mantra Download shop. There’s also quite a lot on iTunes. For more information see our About Kundalini Yoga Music page.

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