A set to focus energy and intention

Harnessing the power of the navel centre and Jupiter energy, this class helps us focus our intention towards achieving our destiny.

Music played in this class

– God by the Underlying Stars from the album Subagh Kriya
– Lakshman by White Sun from the album White Sun
– Har Mukhande by Krishan from the album Bhangra Remix
– Yogi Bhajan Mini Lecture with Gobinday Mukunday by SatKirin Kaur Khalsa from the album Jaap
– Flow by Sat Kartar Kaur from the album Flow
– Guru Ram Das by Singh Kaur from the album Crimson Collection Vol. 1 & 2

Good places to buy kundalini yoga music are Spirit Voyage and Sat Nam Versand’s Mantra Download shop. There’s also quite a lot on iTunes. For more information see our About Kundalini Yoga Music page.

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